Mom Petitions Stores: Sell Health Food and Kids’ Lit at Check Out, Not Junk Food and Tabloids

What’s your tackle this Mother’s request?

<img title="Mother Petitions Stores: Sell Health Meals and kids' Lit at investigate cross-check, No Longer Junk Meals and Tabloids" src=" material/uploads/2017/01/Mom-Petitions-Stores-Promote-Health-Food-and-Youngsters-Lit-at-Take A Look At-Out-Now Not-Junk-Food-and-Tabloids.jpg” />

Mother Petitions Outlets: Sell Health Food and kids’ Lit at check out, Now Not Junk Food and Tabloids

Is That This Mother doing the suitable thing or dodging parental responsibility with her plea to grocery Stores about what they Sell on the register?