Mom Accidentally Starves Baby Due to Pressure on Moms to Breastfeed

She finally gave him a bottle—but three hours later, her baby was unresponsive, and she rushed him to the hospital.

Mom Accidentally Starves Baby Due to Pressure on Moms to Breastfeed

“Breast is best” is a popular refrain—but it’s not always true.


24 thoughts on “Mom Accidentally Starves Baby Due to Pressure on Moms to Breastfeed

  1. Wait… so a licensed MD starved her baby and blames that for why the kiddo has issues now? That makes ZERO sense. How does an MD not know that they’re starving their newborn?

  2. It is really sad the pressure mother’s feel they have to live up to societal standards. There is no shame feeding your baby formula, many of us grew up on formula and here we are, decades later! There is also no shame in nursing, I did it for 15 months but I never ever would’ve hesitated to give my son formula if I needed to. I kept some in the house just for that reason. Trust your instinct, FEED your baby formula or breast milk, doesn’t matter. #fedisbest

  3. This is a real thing, it happened to my first daughter (my third child) she was 4 months old and had only gain 2 lbs since birth. But this was MY FAULT! I wasn’t eating healthy enough to get the healthy fats and calories needed. I just had my second daughter 3 weeks ago, and have put myself on a strict diet of smoothies with protein nut milk adding in chia seeds flax seeds and oatmeal, and she’s thriving.

    Fed is best, but women also need to be more aware and proactive in their own health, both during pregnancy and after. If you plan on breastfeeding, you have to eat healthy and smart.

  4. This is very sad …I wonder how she didn’t notice he wasn’t getting anything ? I mean I could tell hear gulping and lots of pee diapers ? So preventable and so sad

  5. This happened to me 3rd day in the hospital. So I told them to put him on formula. They tried to get me to still breast feed. I told them I would not. I didn’t want to worry about my baby not getting enough food. So I used formula.

  6. Stop pressuring moms to breast feed and don’t make them feel bad if they don’t. Yes breast milk is better but that’s why there is breast pumps. This is why I rather pump and bottle feed.

  7. I was an older experienced mom when I had my last baby.i knew I had to supplement breast with bottle .three babies and none had any confusion.the lactation nurse was abusive! I had to forbid her from coming my room it was rediculous.if I had been a young mother I would have been intimidated.

  8. I’m so thankful I had an OB and pediatrician that had the philosophy that fed is best! After weeks of trying to breastfeed my youngest, stress and postpartum depression made my supply almost non-existent. I wasn’t chastised or belittled for using formula, my child needed to eat. Shame on those healthcare professionals that behave like that!

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