It’s All In The Bag – StrollerTraffic

There are very few topics that spark more conversation in these parts that chatting all things diaper bag. They’re like ground control for #momlife. Totally important stuff.

We chatted with the founder of TWELVElittle on her diaper bag non-negotiables and the best styles & accessories based on your kids’ ages and stages. She gave some killer tips, and now we want to know yours! Got a holy grail bag, must-have accessories, or killer hack? We wanna hear it!

It’s All In The Bag - StrollerTraffic

It’s All In The Bag – StrollerTraffic

Nothing can make or break a day out with littles quite like being properly packed. Overpack and quickly grow cranky from the schlep. Underpack and your little is sure to throw up, spill her entire sippy moments after you’ve cleaned her up, and beg incessantly for her favorite stuffy. Been there, r…